Find here how you can easily resolve QuickBooks error 6143 !

“QuickBooks error 6143” has been causing many issues to QuickBooks users consequently looking for solutions meaning downtimes. There is no uncertainty that QuickBooks has been launching new updates consistently emphasizing the importance of product improvement and bug fixes. Even after this, the users usually witness many software bugs in form of errors. The error “QuickBooks error 6143” may occur whenever user opens specific company files in QuickBooks. Another QuickBooks program opened in the background might forbid the company files process from running. Besides, it can be resolved using many tools and techniques about which the user is going to walk through further blog topics.

Apart from all, the user could, unfortunately, bump into error “QuickBooks Error 6143” for no good as it stops one from accessing certain company files. Notwithstanding, the issue could be resolved using solution given in the blog, if you still have other concerns, call toll-free number 1-855-856-0042 for more tech help.

Factors underlying occurrence of error “QuickBooks Error 6143”

  • QuickBooks programs or services running in the background interrupting company files.
  • There has been an external attack by worm or virus, inflicting damage to company files data.
  • Few Windows components have sustained impairment, consequently giving rise to the error.
  • Company files are located on a network path rather than in-house.

Various viable methods to resolve error “QuickBooks error 6143”

Solution-1: Halting Services and programs associated with QuickBooks

  • Exit ‘QuickBooks application’ before moving on to other troubleshooting steps.
  • Go to the desktop.
  • Press ‘Windows key’ or click on ‘Start Button’ situated in the bottom-left corner on the taskbar.
  • The Start Menu will appear shortly on the screen.
  • Press the ‘Power Button’ or ‘Arrow button’ next to Shut Down.
  • Select ‘Restart’ or ‘Log Off’.
  • Wait for the PC to reboot or Log on screen to appear.
  • Once you are on the log-on screen, log in using the appropriate ‘administrator’ credentials.
  • When you arrive at the desktop, right-click on the taskbar and choose ‘Task Manager’ from the drop-down.
  • Among the various tab, navigate to ‘Users’.
  • Look out for the processes associated with QuickBooks.
  • Right-click on the process and select ‘End Process’.
  • Repeat the step 12 with each QuickBooks process running in the background.

Solution-2: Make sure the company file is accessible by storing it on a local hard drive and accessing it from there

  • Close QuickBooks on the server.
  • Locate company files folder.
  • Find the company file you are opening possessing file extension ‘.QBW’.
  • Copy the files in a Pendrive.
  • Use the Pendrive in a workstation having QuickBooks installed.
  • With the pen drive plugged in, paste the copied files on desktop.
  • Open QuickBooks application and access the browse files kept on desktop.

We are to conclude the above-mentioned blog post regarding error “QuickBooks error 6143”, with a hope that all the content in the written post is clear and concise and will serve as a troubleshooting manual to obviate the error code aforementioned. In case, you are unable to resolve it yet, hire a technical expert by calling the helpdesk number 1-855-856-0042 for a bit of a better advice.

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