KingX2022 – Gojek Clone 2022 Discusses The Exclusive Features And Business Model

Gojek is a one-of-a-kind application. You will never find another like Gojek, which is why both established businesses and startups are eager to capitalize on this Super App.

What Factors Contributed to the Success of the Gojek App?

Like any other startup, Gojek’s success was not without its challenges. It had its difficulties and bumps to overcome. From its conception to its technicalities, this On-Demand Multiservices App has come a long way toward becoming Indonesia’s first Unicorn.

They began their entrepreneurial journey with only 20 Moto-riders, which grew to become an important On-Demand Transportation Services of the app. It is extremely simple and inexpensive for Indonesians. Later on, the Super App Gojek added services like logistics, payments, food delivery covering other on-demand delivery services as well as Handyman and similar services. 

So, it takes much more than developing a Successful Gojke like App. Thankfully you have access to the Best App Development Company like V3Cube offering an Outstanding KingX2022, a Gojek-like App that comes with “ Top-line Of Features” that you haven’t seen or used in any other app.

Overview Of Significant Features That Makes Gojek Clone 2022 Exclusive

KingX2022 is integrate with a Top-line of Features that are rare to be seen in any other app. The significant one includes:


We made the signup process simple, quick, and easy. We don’t want your users to waste time filling out lengthy registration forms. Instead, we kept things short and sweet. This time, our app has a quick signup process that uses Face ID for Apple users, Fingerprint for Android users, and a Mobile Number that generates an OTP and log in.


The feature was well-thought keeping in mind the “social distancing” regulations. The users can now quickly book Online Video Consultation of the service provider in their vicinity. This way, the user can get the resolution from the comforts of home whether it is Legal advisory, Fitness, Astrology, Doctors, Tutors, etc.

We made the signup process easy, simple, and quick. We don’t want your users to waste their valuable time filling lengthy registration forms. Instead, we kept it simple and sweet.


Gain access to the world’s largest network of independent service providers to assist your users to accomplish any project whether it is larger or small. 

The service bid feature allows your user to receive the matching bid request to make an informed decision. This can be further filter based on quotes, deadlines to complete the test, past tasks, ratings, and reviews. 


This feature is useful when a site owner has operations in multiple countries and needs to enable local payment processing for banks in those countries. We recommend that you contact the representative for more information on how to take advantage of this benefit for your company.

Gojek Clone App Solution 2022 – Business Model

KingX2022 has three main segments:

The Users

Users must register with social media credentials, a Mobile number that is OTP generate or can Face ID (Apple Users), Fingerprint to access the necessary services.

The app screen introduces varied services like Uber-like taxi services, on-demand delivery services, parcel/logistics services, as well as other services to quick book.

Users will book services right from the app and seamlessly navigate through the checkout process. Once payment is received for the service that the customer has chosen, whether it is a meal delivery service, grocery delivery, or another, the package is delivered to their door, or work is completed, etc., at the agreed-upon time.

The Services Providers

The Gojek Clone App connects service providers to a larger consumer base by providing a platform for them to connect with.

After the user submits the order, the service provider will receive notifications via “In-App Notification.”

The order is process and held for the driver to pick up. They will not only receive more orders, but they will also be able to develop their business and keep track of all of their transactions in one place.

The commissions are then deduct from the merchants’ wallets, making transactions even easier. It is how the Admin Dashboard in Gojek Clone keeps track of the merchant’s delivery.

The Delivery Drivers

To register with the Gojek Clone App, the delivery driver must first download and register the app. The driver must then upload the required documents. A driver’s earnings are tracked through the Driver’s Profile management segment, which is automat. The drivers can accept orders once all the formalities have been completed. Commissions are deducted automatically, and payouts are sent directly to their wallets.

Buy A Ready-To-Launch Gojek Clone App 2022

Developing an app complexity will cost you a fortune and will take at least a year to complete and launch.

With KingkX2022, you can easily launch your On-Demand Multiservices Business in 7 days. And you’d be the talk of the town for becoming a millionaire in the shortest amount of time.

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