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How Do You Do a Stiff Leg Deadlift?

Stiff leg deadlift also known as straight leg deadlift is one of those beneficial exercises that add to the strength of muscles of athletes. The major effect of stiff leg deadlift is on the posterior chain of the athletes. These lifts help them to build their muscular energy and strength. Over time, this exercise is gaining popularity among athletes who want to enhance their posterior chain stiffness and strength. However, it’s not easy for a common athlete to adopt this exercise. You will have to spend some time to make sure that he can effectively do this exercise. So, you should explore ‘how do you do a stiff leg deadlift?’. 

Having a grip on the stiff leg deadlift, one will perform the jumping tasks, races, leg pressing, and many other tasks effectively. Also, this exercise will help you to build neuromuscular energy through spending maximum time on this activity. This guide mainly aims to teach how to do leg deadlift effectively. Till the end, you will be able to perform such a task. So, let’s explore this beneficial guide. 

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How do you do a Stiff Leg Deadlift?

The straight leg deadlift or stiff leg deadlift is one of the beneficial workouts that can be added to the workout routine to strengthen the posterior chain. If you’re in search of such an exercise that will help in building the strength of your neural muscles, a stiff leg deadlift is the best option for you. Here is an easy and simple way to perform this beneficial exercise. 

  • The foremost thing is to select the best weight that will help you to maintain your balance and routine throughout the workout. 
  • Adjust your body for the stiff leg deadlift in such a way that your chin should remain in touch with your chest, your feet should have a good grip on the floor, and your hip should be over your shoulder. 
  • You should remain in a neutral neck and head position. Hold the barbell in your overhand and make sure that your grip is strong. 
  • Start moving the barbell away from your body and over your toe. 
  • Bend your back and make sure that the barbell reaches below your knees. 
  • Keep your body and legs flexible. 
  • Adjust your body and barbell in such a way that the weight of your body and barbell is evenly distributed on your feet. 
  • Allow your hips to move forward and arms away from each other. 
  • End the exercise at the position from where you started i.e in a position where your hip is exactly on your shoulder. 

Keep in mind that this exercise is perfect only for those who have perfect health and physique. If you’re suffering from any problems, consult your doctor before adopting this healthy exercise. Also, select such a weight that allows you to maintain full control over your whole body. A single mistake may result in any serious injury. So, take great care when adopting such an exercise. 

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Final Thoughts 

A stiff Leg Deadlift or straight leg deadlift will help you to enhance your workout capabilities. However, it’s not easy to adopt this exercise as it’s a relatively tougher exercise. You should have to take a special class for such a beneficial exercise. However, once you learn this exercise, it will help you to build your neuromuscular energy. A good stiff leg deadlift exercise accompanied with healthy food is very beneficial for athletes.

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