How To Improve Pet Sales And Grow Your Pet Shop

Ways to Boost Sales in Retail Pet Shops | SOLUMESL

There are many ways to boost the sales of your retail pet shop although not all of them are easy. Some of them require investing in new equipment, hiring new employees, and adapting to new technologies like electronic shelf labels.

for business owners with retail pet stores, it’s crucial that they pay close attention to devising and implanting creative and innovative marketing strategies to constantly up their game and boost their retail sales.

After all, it’s all about staying ahead of the competition, isn’t it?

For pet businesses, especially in their startup phase, here are some of the tried and tested, most effective marketing tips which significantly help increase sales and overall retail revenue.

Here are The Tips to Boost Sales in Retail Pet Shops

Offer Pet-related Services

Offering other services is another way to create more income for your pet store. Additional services pull in customers that seek pet services and not products. You can dedicate a part of your store to pet grooming services or have an in-store vet clinic for consultations. You can also offer pet sitting or dog-walking services to cover as many pet owner needs as possible, therefore expanding your customer reach.

If your business has the capacity, maybe you can even have an in-store pet daycare or an affiliated pet school.

Provide Add-on Services

There are dozens of different types of pet business ideas. While specificity is great for success, a little diverse inclusion never hurt anyone, especially not a pet store’s retail sales.

Most pet stores strictly only sell pets but offer little in terms of guidance when it comes to pet care, training, and pet boarding in case an owner has to travel. A great way to boost sales for your retail store is to provide add-on services to your customers which give more value to their overall pet experience.

Now, there are two ways to go about this. The first is that you can either enter into mutually beneficial cross-selling partnerships with similar businesses with you earning a designated portion of the profit per referral, for example, with the local vet office, or kennel service.

Create an Online Presence

The world is more digitized than you’d think. People prefer the convenience of shopping online for all their needs instead of making the effort to go in store. The same now applies for pets and pet stores. If you want to expand your retail pet business and boost sales, it’s vital that you invest in setting up a digital version of your pet store.

Provide all the services you offer in-house, readily available online, accessible through the click of a button. While offering delivery services is a good idea for alternative merchandise, stipulating that the customer visit the retail store to pick up their pet in order to get correctly introduced to it will help ensure physical foot-fall at the store. This will also help boost sales further.

And there you have them, the top five tried and tested tips to boost sales immediately for your retail pet store. Try and incorporate these in your regular marketing strategies and we guarantee you’ll see a significant boost in sales sooner than you’d think was possible.

Discounts And Deals

Offer discounts and exciting deals to your customers on a regular basis. Offer discounts on certain pet accessories or give them free of cost to customers who buy a pet from your store. Collaborate with a daily deals site that will provide you with new deals each day.

Diversify Your Products

Boost your retail pet shop’s sales by offering various products that your competitors do not have. Instead of selling the same products that your competitors sell—pet food, pet accessories, and pet toys—you can find items that pet owners can use for their own human needs without going too far from the pet concept. Sell mugs that say “Proud Fur Parent,” shirts printed with different dog breeds, or pin buttons designed with a paw print.

Pet stores commonly sell only pets and pet care products. If your store can offer pet owner-friendly products other than pet products, your customers would no longer need to buy such items from the department store.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

You need to provide excellent customer service to your clients at a reasonable price. Your pet shop should consist of different types of pets and their accessories like food, cages, collars etc.

Branding Pet shop

You need to develop a unique brand identity of your pet store. Give the prospective clients a reason to buy pets from your store. There should be a unique selling point for your store that will help you to entice new customers.

Your products, customer service, website and business cards will all help in creating a brand identity for your business.

Use Electronic Shelf Labels

Like any retail store, Pet Shop have product details that cannot fit in narrow, typical paper shelf labels. Abbreviations and shortcuts can be used to fit as many product details as possible in a label, but shortening terms may lead to inaccuracies and mistakes.

With SOLUM’s electronic shelf labels (ESL), pet stores can display more product details to help customers make informed decisions. This is because ESL comes in different sizes, offering more space. Some ESL models can display up to seven pages, like Newton digital labels. With Newton’s seven-page display, there’s no need to crowd product information in one limited space. Moreover, Newton labels feature two programmable buttons which can be used for customer care. Shoppers can click the buttons whenever they need assistance so that a pet store staff can come to their aid as soon as possible.

Digital labels can boost sales in pet shops by improving customer experience. The unique and advanced customer experience that ESL provides can lead to customer loyalty, which can lead to more sales.

To know more about Newton electronic shelf labels and how they can help increase pet store sales, visit SOLUM ESL (electronic shelf labels) website at

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