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IT Companies Marketing. How to get more leads?

The IT Industry is growing so fast that we can’t keep up with all the changes that are happening right now. So it’s the right time to step in and take advantage of this situation. 

So, what exactly you could find out in the following article:

No doubt, if your team is just starting to think about marketing strategy for your tech company, your competitors are already doing it. And to outrank them on google search or social media, you should invest in practical marketing.

According to the global statistics from IDC consultancy – the technology industry is going to reach more that 6 trillions in 2023 and maybe even a little bit more. So, what exactly should you know about this industry before you`ll step in or start your business or startup? 

  • If you`ll get the opportunity to reach out to the right people at the right time and put your product or services in front of them – you`ll win.   
  • Competition is so high, that it’s not so easy to outrank your competitors on Google search.   

With this information in mind, you could try to make your journey easier and just create an advertisement company, slap a few pages and well, these should be enough, right?  Well, you are wrong. 

Nowadays, all tech companies need marketing strategy, it’s mandatory. Another reason to invest into marketing is that the buyer circle is getting much longer than it was just a  few years before.  Mostly it’s happening because of increased numbers of market players. More importantly, the IT industry is  evolving and becoming much more complicated nowadays. And this exactly required a marketing approach.  So recently marketing strategy has become the top priority for IT companies.  It helps to investigate your potential client profile and their needs. What exactly they are searching for, how much time they are spending on your website. And obviously – the most important thing – their intentions.  So equally important not just gather this information but also analyze and also attract new clients.

Let’s talk about marketing practices that should be used when working on your general marketing strategy.

  • Build a Rock Star Website
  • Work on Content Plan 
  • Investigate your competitors
  • Work on your social medial presents
  • Analyze your clients


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Build a Rock Star Website for your IT Company

The key aspect of such a website is accessibility. Basically you should think beforehand how your potential clients will access your products and services. Or how easy they will reach you to have the possibility to communicate with you. And it seems so simple, but in reality a lot of  Tech Companies just skip this point and just try to survive. But this just does not mean that this is unimportant. So working on your website accessibility is your top priority. But also your website speed, and instant working on your tech issues.

Content Plan 

In short you should create a huge amount of different content. For your website, for your social media, for emails. And yet, in 2022 it’s not enough just to create a piece of article that you will put on your website.  From May 2021,  a lot of websites, especially the new once, faced the same problem – they just could t` get to Google Index. And a lot of new websites are facing the same problems now. In we found the way to fix this issue for your website, so if you are in need of real professionals, please, contacts us. 

In summary, it doesn’t mean that content just doesn’t work anymore. Not at all. It just means that every piece of content should be reconciled.

Investigate your competitors

We’d recommend you to choose 3- max 5 competitors and analyze all information that you can find. You should check their websites and social media, and the number of people in their team.  Also you should analyze keywords that are already on Google top -10 and ask yourself a lot of questions. You shouldn’t try to target all of them, just those that could be useful for your business, and could potentially reach your clients. 

Work on your social medial presents

You should work on your social media instantly. Creating your own engaging content for social media, using your own images (if this is possible of course).  And in general, trying to help your customers to find a few good solutions for their problems. 

Analyze your clients

Please, don`t be afraid. It doesn’t mean that you need a huge marketing department, It just means that you should consider this type of work before you`ll fix your first problems. Just a few briefings a month will give you an instant understanding of your audience and their need and problems. 

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