McGregor may go to jail

Conor McGregor is a UFC superstar! And even without entering the octagon, the Irish fighter remains in the spotlight. He makes new enemies, constantly enters into high-profile conflicts and continues to provoke the legendary Khabib Nurmagomedov. But gradually, even the closest people begin to turn away from Notorius. Even Conor was sued by his best friend, the Russian-Irish fighter Artem Lobov. He used to be always by McGregor’s side and was considered his right hand. But now he couldn’t stand it and decided to deal with his comrade himself.

The reason for the quarrel was Conor’s brand of whiskey, which for a long time was so actively promoted and advertised by the Irishman. In April 2021 he sold his brand for $ 600 million to Proximo Spirits. But Lobov was not happy with this situation. Artyom said that he came up with the idea of the Irish whiskey brand Proper No. Twelve, and McGregor only appropriated it for himself and continues to profit at the expense of the Russian. Lobov demanded from his best friend a mere 5% share of the sale of a controlling stake. But apparently Notorius is in no hurry to share the profits.

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It seems that Conor finally sailed. If before he had close people to him who could support him in a difficult moment, now he risks to lose even them. And it was Lobov who stood up for McGregor in front of Khabib himself, who received that very backhand, and then, together with Notorius, attacked Nurmagomedov’s bus. It seemed that Artem would always be behind the Irishman’s back and their friendship would continue even after his career was over. But for now, the situation is going to be pitiful. Conor didn’t want to share peacefully, so Lobov is going to go all the way to get his money.

McGregor’s future looks unclear at the moment. Return to the UFC is very questionable, the last fights in general have not convinced of the need to go into the octagon again. Losses and injuries can force Conor to finish his professional career. And the bitter enemy has stopped responding to all provocations of the Irishman. And now Notorious risks to lose even his best friend, who up to the end tried to protect him before the whole world.

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