Motives For Implementing A Virtual Gift Card Approach This Festive Period

There’s never been a better scenario to include a digital gift certificate strategy in your company’s Christmas plans, given that more people now use their mobile devices than desktop computers. It seems logical that shoppers insist that gift vouchers go digital and cellular, making their purchase, delivery, and reclamation as quick and easy as using their attempted debit and credit cards. The smartphone has become an essential component of the shopping experience. The advantages of gift vouchers online for the consumer are clear: they are simpler to purchase, give, track, and use as a platform for loyalty rewards.

The retailer also gains from mobile gift cards since they can connect with customers in a way that has never been possible, drive brand messaging, offer incentives, and use push notification marketing to drive foot traffic back to physical stores. But do you still need to be convinced? Here are the top arguments for why implementing a smartphone gift certificate strategy at your company will be a significant success for you this festive period:

Attract The Holiday Shopper Who Is Delaying Purchases

Customers of today, especially millennials, anticipate communication from the brands they patronise. A terrific way to improve the customer experience is by using virtual gift cards as a fun way to interact with customers, reward frequent buyers, or encourage desired behaviour. This interaction should extend beyond rewarding “physical retail” activities as well. Innovative businesses must interact with customers online and in physical stores because consumers frequently use several in-store channels to buy goods and services. Even a $5 bonus can transform a failed transaction into a happy customer who thinks the company they frequently buy from appreciates their business. Customers typically spend an additional $23 on top of the gift card, so companies that use this strategy receive a significant return on their investment.

Motivate Your Rewarding Jerk To Purchase More

Modern consumers can discover almost anything instantly at their fingertips, whether a beautiful restaurant or a hotel, so brands must respond to their demands swiftly and effectively. When considering consumer loyalty programs, this idea is very pertinent. No one has patience for that nowadays; therefore, the times of sending mail-in promotions or rewards that required consumers to pull out stamps and envelopes to receive them are long gone.

For companies to remain relevant, they must provide mobile-savvy clients of all demographics options to interact and receive points wherever they are—often on their smartphones. Today’s consumers desire simplicity of use and immediate rewards. 40% of all gift card holders wind up spending further than they intended to as a result of an incentive being presented at the point of redemption, according to the First Data Consumer Insights Study.

Send Out Cards In The Format That Your Customers Want

Engagement in a smartphone app or virtual wallet is essential for any virtual program to be successful. In the First Data Market Positioning study, 55% of respondents expressed interest in storing their gift card details on a mobile app. By encouraging gift card registration in mobile applications, businesses may take advantage of the desire for app-based gift certificate programs and receive valuable customer information. Gift vouchers are no longer private in the smartphone app format; instead, they are transformed into rich, powerful advertising tools that can record customer personalities, desires, shopping habits, and information. They can even manage a rewards program through the phone app.


While some business thought leaders think merchants ought to provide mobile giving options through their web and mobile, delivering gift vouchers online via third-party broadcast channels, particularly gift card-specific smartphone apps, offers additional chances for customer growth. A single gift certificate app would allow users to keep their gift voucher information, even from various restaurants or businesses. 

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