Tips to Buy the Best Hikvision DVR for Your Security System

Security camera systems play a major role in protecting properties and sites from unauthorized access and unwanted incidents. DVR is a device that allows users to record footage captured by security cameras. For those who are a first-time buyer, buying a Hikvision DVR can be a confusing task for you. With so many brands and models out there, choosing the right DVR for your security system can be a difficult task for you. In this article, we will focus on some tips to buy the best DVR.

hikvision dvr

Difference between DVRs and NVRs

Before you spend money on a new DVR, you need to understand the difference between DVRs and NVRs, which is also an important component of modern-day security camera systems. DVR is a digital video recorder device, while the NVR stands for the network video recorder.

  • DVRs are devices designed to work with analogue security cameras, while advanced NVRs are compatible with technologically advanced IP cameras.
  • DVRs receive unprocessed footage from analogue cameras through coaxial wires, while NVRs can receive data from IP cameras using internet connections.

Key features 

If you are looking for the best DVR for your security system, you have to pay attention to its features that will ensure how efficient the device will be for your surveillance.

  • Advanced DVRs like the Hikvision DVRcome with many additional features like app integration that will enable users to watch recorded or live footage.
  • Make sure the DVR you are planning to buy comes with a higher FPS, as a higher FPS will ensure you got the better footage from the system.
  • In addition to that, some DVRs come with night vision, a great user interface, motion detection, etc.

Quality of playback and recording resolution

You must have noticed the difference between the quality of playback and recorded footage previously. This is because the playback or live videos do not use storage space and that is why you got better quality than recorded footage. In most cases, the quality of recorded videos is lower than live videos. However, you can choose advanced DVRs like the Hikvision DVR for a better quality of recorded footage. It is very important to have high-quality recorded footage, as high-quality recorded footage will help you to review older footage. Also remember that good quality video will required more storage space.

Channel display options

OSD or on screen display is a feature almost all DVR and NVR has nowadays. Channel display is one of the key aspects you need to take care of when buying an advanced DVR system like Hikvision DVR. The channel display options are determined by the number of cameras you have in your place. If you are buying the device to cover up a large commercial area, you will need multiple channel display options.

hikvision dvr

Whether you are buying it for your home or business place. You have to make sure that its features will fulfil all your requirements efficiently. The technology of DVR or the digital video recorder is now being used People use advanced DVRs like the Hikvision DVR to record videos shot through security cameras. Hence, the storage capacity of your DVR device can be a big factor for you.

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