Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning

Technology is continuously revolutionizing the educational system with its innovative tools and gadgets. It is making teaching and learning easier for teachers and students. Most of the time, we don’t even realize how much technology has progressively changed the way we absorb information. The educators are also taking benefit of the technology-based teaching. Types of equipment used in the classroom have been proven to improve how teachers can reach out to their students and impart knowledge. 

In New Zealand, the ministry of education has dedicated an entire area to digital learning. Annual funding helps the students in public schools and colleges to utilize technology for e-learning. 

This advanced thinking has given birth to new educational reforms and policies. Due to this modern and progressive ideology, the country has made itself one of the best in the world of education. New Zealand lands in the top ten in terms of education. 

But the question arises: how did the use of technology bring in new teaching and learning methods in the country? In the following post, you will learn just that. Let us break it down into learning and teaching to fully understand how technology has transformed how education is perceived and imparted. 

Learning with the help of technology

Learning is as challenging as teaching. To fully comprehend what your professors and teachers are trying to explain to you. As different perspectives can dilute your understanding of a topic. You can miss out on the real purpose of the topic because you don’t have suitable types of equipment to capture the real essence of a subject.

Technology has positively affected the way we learn every day. What are the tools that have helped us?


As the name entails, these incredible pens operate digitally. It helps you record your lectures live from your class and transfers the files to Google Documents. This way, all the lectures have been compiled in one place. In addition, this will help you make personal notes while you listen to the lectures again. 

Digital Textbooks

Carrying around dozens of books to study or borrowing books from the library can be hectic for students. Digital textbooks help one carry around knowledge in just one tablet, laptop, or mobile. Moreover, you can easily access the books almost anytime and anywhere. 

It also makes learning fun for students, with its easy interface and exciting factor. For example, students can use digital highlighters and bookmarks to annotate their reading material.

Virtual keyboards 

When you want to complete your assignments, essays, or that research paper that takes forever to complete, you need something that adds a little motivation and excitement to your boring coursework. 

A virtual keyboard helps students complete their homework or coursework anywhere they want. In addition, the excitement of using a hi-tech gadget encourages the student to finish all the work under the deadline. 

Digital learning  

Digital learning can vary from online assistance to online tests. From virtual classrooms to practice applications. These tech tools are making learning more accessible and cheaper for students. 

Language apps

With the rise of a multicultured society, students are encouraged to learn more and more languages, especially if they want to specialize in a degree that involves daily interactions.

 Technology plays a vital role in such areas. For example, to learn better and faster, you can use language applications to reduce your time in a language class.

Practice Mathematics apps

Technology has blessed students with applications that help them learn better mathematics with problems/equations and quizzes. Moreover, these applications are free of cost, and the premium packages can even provide you with extensive assistance.

Fun Science apps 

These online learning applications help students with science problems. If you feel you are weak at physics, chemistry, or Biology. These applications can guide you with equations and derivations. 

Online coursework assistance 

When you are just so tired of creating assignments, essays, and research papers, you can opt for online assistance. Services such as “do my assignment” are famous amongst overworked students these days. 

It can be challenging to pick the correct writing style when it comes to assignments. Therefore, technology has given birth to writing services that can provide students with an assignment writer to reduce their workload. This greatly benefits students when they have to concentrate on exams. 

Learning Management systems 

There are student management systems available online that help students manage their homework, lectures, quizzes, and other documents. In addition, students are usually seen to improve their learning with the help of managing websites or Google calendar. 

Teaching technology-based

Technology has groomed every profession. It has brought in many ways a person can improve at their job. Teaching is one of them. To covey, the knowledge you have to another person is an honorable and challenging job. However, successfully educating others is a task that can be challenging, but it can be made easier with the help of technology. 

White-board animation 

There is a genius way of teaching a class with a large number of students. You can create a whiteboard animation video that contains all the visual representations needed for a topic. 

Some topics are complicated to teach, and it can become very challenging to impart your perspective to another person. Therefore, you need to find ways to make the learning fun. Technology has done just that for students. 

Audio enhancements

A strong voice has a significant impact on learning. If your students can hear you, it can help them understand a topic without any problem. Some kids have a hearing impairment, and they have problems understanding topics. With the help of technology, a teacher can improve their lessons. 

Education Platforms 

Every university and school in New Zealand has a platform that helps students and teachers connect. Interactive quizzes and lessons are available on these websites. The students are provided with a username and password to get all the needed information. Teaching has immensely improved with the help of these platforms. 

What did you think about this post? Do you think technology has improved learning and teaching? Have you noticed that technology has provided more pros than cons?

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