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The Importance of Scent Masking

From the sandwich bag to the pop-top bottle; you’ve probably tried every type of marijuana container to store and transport your bud. When it comes to choosing the right container, smell resistance is a huge factor to consider; especially when it comes to public transportation. Despite the fact that this has been debated among smoke circles, no container type is better suited for mobile in conspicuity than Custom Smell Proof Bags. “Do Custom Smell Proof Bags work for real?” is a common question among glass jar enthusiasts.

The Importance of Scent Masking

While the smell of your cannabis is usually enjoyable, as it gives you a sneak peek at the terpenes that will flavour the taste of your weed, it can also be a major issue… especially if you’re travelling. I recall getting into a cab with a sandwich bag full of weed in my pocket and immediately noticing the driver staring holes in my head. If you ever plan to have visitors, especially children, you’re in for an even more awkward (if not disastrous) situation. If you have children; it’s best to keep your stash in a secure location, such as a safe. While it may seem like a good idea to hide your stash in a drawer or closet, this is not a childproof solution. Plus, that smell can pervade everything, turning you into a walking marijuana advertisement or, at best, perfuming you with a skunk scent. At the end of the day, the smell of marijuana, as delectable as it may be too many of us, is unquestionably a problem.

Solutions That Aren’t Smell Proof

The main problem is that many people’s stash is kept in sandwich bags that aren’t airtight. As a result, the smell escapes and air enters, drying out your herb. One way to keep a bag like this from stinking is to double bag it. If you put your CBD Packaging into another bag, it will lessen the effect of the smell, but it will not completely eliminate it. To mask the smell, try putting loose black tea leaves or lavender in the surrounding bag. A fabric softener tissue can be used in the same way, though the thought of the smell and taste that would leak into the bud makes me cringe. There are always airtight glass jars, which are the most effective solution if kept in a cool, dark place within your home. The issue with this, of course, is that they aren’t the most convenient or discreet way to store your marijuana. The glass is easily broke and is an awkward size for travel. Plus, the clear ones aren’t exactly helping you keep things under wraps.

Why Are Custom Smell Proof Bags the Best Choice?

Custom Smell Proof bags are the most effective way to mask a strong marijuana smell. “Are dispensary bags Smell Proof?” people frequently ask us (or the Internet gods in general). Some are, while others aren’t, but the general trend is toward Smell Proof storage bags make of mylar. Unlike sandwich baggies, mylar is an extremely airtight material that excels at masking the aromas of a variety of cannabis products. Furthermore, all of our Smell Proof mylar bags are resealable, many are child-resistant, and some are even tamper-evident!

Many dispensaries Pack Marijuana In Smell Proof Bags

Many dispensaries and marijuana retailers package marijuana products in Smell Proof containers and Custom Smell Proof bags. Mylar bags have become increasingly popular as exit bags in recent years; as they are require in various ways in various states. This is a practical way for people to transport their purchases without drawing unwanted attention to themselves. Smell Proof mylar bags have become a popular retail item for those who need to know how to stop the weed from smelling in a bag, both online and in dispensaries. Many Custom Printed Smell Proof Bags are also available in dark colours. Protecting the quality of your herb while also keeping it out of sight, out of mind, and out of the way. Today’s Custom Smell Proof Bags come in a variety of sizes, as well as different levels of cushioning and durability. The best thing to do is think about how you’ll use the bags (i.e., what products you’ll put in them) and then pick the best type for you.

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