Why Regular AC Service is Important?

Summer is on the move, and humidity is increasing day by day. It’s tough to cope with this much heat and humidity, and we are here to tell you why regular AC Service is important? AC is the only way out to get rid of this hot summer. Now have you checked the condition of your AC before using it. Have you done the periodic AC service which is required? If not, then we will help you. Also, let you know why regular AC service is important for your AC and how it helps increase the life of your AC and helps you save electricity. Always keep the AC temperature between 24 to 27 degrees celcius, and you can save upto 30% on electricity bills.

Why is regular AC service important?

Being a part of the service industry for more than five years. We know the value of the regular service of AC, and it does not only help in increasing AC life but also saves you a lot of electricity. We will let you know why it is so important with the below points.

Reduce Electricity Bill:-

AC which is not serviced in regular intervals, consumes more electricity. For ample cooling, it uses more electricity because of dust and pollen deposits on filters and cooling coil. During the AC service, technicians thoroughly clean the AC filter and coils with water using the jet spray, eventually giving you clean air and helping the air conditioner work at an optimum level.

Help You from Sudden Breakdowns of your AC:-

AC service is not only about cleaning AC through a jet spray. AC service also consists of a thorough check of your AC, where a technician checks the gas pressure in your AC and also checks whether the ac is cooling after the servicing or not. Sometimes after servicing, AC is not cooling enough, and there would be many reasons.

  • Minor Leakages in cooling coil or outdoor unit.
  • Low Gas (Refrigerant) Pressure
  • No Gas (Refrigerant) due to improper installation or uninstallation.
  • There could be the possibility of other mechanical failures too.

That is why regular service helps you know about your AC condition in advance.

Always book service from Certified Technician:-

All the appliances play a very determining role in today’s life. As a result, the need for an AC repair service in Gurgaon is also increasing daily. As I mentioned above, we have been part of this service industry for more than five years, and we have gone through various customer experiences. We are getting so many complaints where customers were looted in the name of service or repair as they got trapped in their lucrative offers at low prices. Please don’t fall for it, as they are like rainy frogs and vanish at the end of the season.

With the help of this blog, we are not only giving you the information about the AC service but also want to give you information about the malpractices running in the market. That is why we always want you to choose a company which has been in the market for years and providing AC service as per the company standard by professional & certified technician.


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