5 tricks to improve the range of tplink m7200 repeater

Tp-link m7200 repeater works like a mesh point that provides full network range in your whole home with high speed network coverage. It comes along with dual band frequency and the latest technology of MIMO. You can easily connect your wireless devices with the tplink m7200 repeater it will cover all the dead zones and provide the network with full speed. It will provide a speed of 1200mbps in 5ghz. And the 802.11 network will enhance the wireless range in all over the area. This is the best system for you to use in your house. In order to complete the configuration you must need to access the login portal. This device supports all kind of other wireless devices you can easily connect using wireless connection and can use internet access. 


The tplink m7200 really supports amazon alexa. By connecting with this digital device you can easily control your repeater just by using voice command. This repeater will comes with external antennas that will extend the network range of your wireless router. To use all these advanced features also you must need to configure your tplink m7200 repeater just by accessing the login page. You can use the default IP Address or to access the administration center. You can easily setup this device with your router by using the WPS or online web browser method.

Ways to improve the signal of tplink m7200 repeater

The m7200 repeater is an example of the best invention of wireless repeater at this time. This is an advanced multifunction device that has many advanced features. It provides seamless network coverage to your Dlink Dual Band Router by boosting the signals. No matter how big your house is. By using this repeater it will cover all the weak spots. You can easily enjoy online gaming, HD video downloads and many internet activities. But sometimes users may face network issues, Like low range connectivity here are some reasons : 

  • Due to outdated firmware version
  • 5ghz network not enabled.
  • Place repeater far from the wireless router.
  • Not configured properly

Place wireless router in the range of tplink m7200 repeater

Sometimes during setting up users will place the wireless router far from the tplink m7200 repeater. So the signal will not be properly catched by the repeater. That’s why the internet may work slow or can’t extend the network properly. In order to fix the issue you must place your router in the range of your repeater. Be sure to remove the network obstacles if any are placed between both wireless devices. It may slow the internet connectivity.

Configure repeater properly 

Before using the repeater you must configure your tplink m7200 repeater. You can use the WPS method or by using the online web browsing method. In order to use the WPS method, Need to place your repeater near the wireless router and power it “ON”. Now simply press the WPS button of your repeater and do the same with the router. Be sure that you have to push the button of both devices between 2 minutes. Otherwise, The connection will fail. Or if you want to set up using an online web browser, you need to access the admin login panel to enter the control center. 

Don’t forget to enable 5ghz frequency 

During configuring the repeater, Sometimes users forget to enable the 5ghz frequency. There are 2 types of frequency available in the repeater. 2.4 and 5 don’t forget to activate. You can manage these settings on the administration control panel. Just need to click to network in the main settings and select 5ghz network and enable it to enjoy it’s features. 

Update firmware time to time

An outdated version of your repeater can create lot’s of problems. So it’s good to update your repeater time by time. After updating your repeater will refresh and update with new advanced features. To update the firmware, Simply visit the tplink m7200 repeater official website as well as select the right model number. Then download it and save to the desktop. Now select the firmware option in the administration center of your repeater. Select your downloaded file and simply click to update. 

During updating your repeater, it will restart anonymously, Don’t worry this is a common process. After some time your repeater will update automatically. Now you can access it’s full features and use the full network in your house without compromising with the dead zones.

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